Sunday, July 29, 2012

Island Girl

I've always known that I was an island girl. No tropical isle will catch my fancy, but the peerie craggy isles always lure me in.

The views of the rocks, the water, and the wildlife in Shetland are spectacular!!! I feel so at home here.

I spent my last day in Shetland soaking up everything I could. After taking the bus from Lerwick to Sumburgh, I dropped off my things at the hotel and set off for Old Scatness.

Old Scatness is an iron age settlement with roundhouses, wheelhouses, and a broch. It is just down the road from Jarlshof. It was discovered in the 1970s and excavated in the 1990's until 2006. While taking the tour, I saw the same archaeologist that showed my class the longhouses in Unst. It is amazing that these settlements are so close and it makes you wonder how many of the hills in Shetland could actually be old settlements.

After that I walked the mile back to the hotel and had a chicken sandwich, salad, and crisps. Then I set of again to explore. I started walking along the coastline towards Sumburgh Head. I made it as far as a field of cattle and was trying to figure out whether or not to continue. An English couple came up behind me and decided to go so I joined them. We walked all the way to Sumburgh Head walking past a sitting bull and past the point where a bird tried to spook me last week.



At Sumburgh Head there were still puffins, but not guillemots. The guillemots were so prevalent a week ago. It is only a matter of time before the puffins will be gone as well. The puffins come for a couple months to breed and then they migrate.

Mark, Linda, and I walked down Sumburgh Head via the main road. It was nice to have someone walk with. It was probably at least a mile each way. In a couple hours I'll have my last Shetland dinner and I hope to catch the sunset. Tomorrow I take the plane to Aberdeen.

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