Saturday, July 28, 2012

Winding down

Today I made my way back to Lerwick to stay for the day and overnight.

Since I've been here in the afternoon/evening for other events the last couple days and the fact that I'm starting to feel the results of a busy week, I tried to go with the flow.  I spent the day wandering around with my new friend, Patricia. We had a lunch at one of many Asian restaurants in Lerwick, went into some of the shops, had coffee by the pier, and had dinner at the Shetland Hotel before she got on the ferry to head to Aberdeen. In between we did a lot of walking around the city.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my class and the information I have gained about Viking Shetland as well as present day Shetland. There is an enormous amount of information that I would not have been able to learn without coming here. In the course of the week, I decided to take this class for credit so I can put this experience on my resume. When I get home I will be writing a 1,500 word essay about a topic that has impacted me. There are so many, so I will have to figure out how to narrow it down. It will most likely be specific to which aspects have helped me with the research for "Under Loch and Key."

Tomorrow I take the bus south back to Sumburgh and then Monday to Aberdeen. On Tuesday I fly to Amsterdam and then Minneapolis/St. Paul.

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