Monday, August 3, 2015

Quicker than a New York Minute

 Yesterday I arrived at LaGuardia airport and took the M60 bus to my hotel. It was a stifling 89 degrees and the bus was crowded to say the least (the reviews on the internet were extremely accurate about the bus route's popularity), but who can beat the price: $2.75.

I then checked into my budget hotel room only to discover, after I had already unpacked nearly all of my belongings, that the toilet wasn't working. After switching rooms, the new one being much more zen and having 1 1/2 feet between the edge of the bed and the wall versus 6 inches like the other room, I checked out my surroundings by taking a walk around the upper west side.

After a quick bite to eat, I purchased a gallon of water at a market near Teachers College, a 13 walk block from my hotel, and then discovered three lovely markets just around the other corner from my place. When I returned back to the room, I discovered that the lamps within the room are evidently just for show since neither were close enough to an outlet and when moved close to an outlet, the prongs were splayed and would not fit in a socket. What's a girl to do?

When settling in for the night, I started reading "The Unstoppable Writing Teacher" by Colleen Cruz. I immediately identified, and think my husband would agree, with the writer's proclamation about being a pessimist.  Not pessimist in the sense of constantly being negative, but one who thinks of all the possible problems that could occur and actively thinks about what he/she could do to solve them; looking at issues like " probletunities" to be grappled for growth.

Looking at my surroundings, the wheels stared turning about my present situation in a budget hotel on the fourth floor.  The scenario which came to mind was a fire.  I noticed a fire escape right outside my window, another one was just beyond the shared kitchen, its see through metal staircase, a nightmare for a person who is scared of heights, and wondered if I could actually use the fire escape if the situation arose.

Fast forward 10:18 pm when I was awoken by a peircing noise: the smoke detector. It too k me several seconds to register what was happening, then came to about the concequences of this situation. I poked my head outside my door and heard some laughing, but no sign of any immediate danger. All I could really think was: Are you kidding me?  Is this really happening? Will I actually have to use the fire escape? I grabbed a few essentials and valuables and headed down the hall to find the receptionist making his way up.  In the end, he turned off the incessant noise and I went back to bed.

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